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"As a member of the youngest generation, I offer a unique and much needed alternative perspective on the issues facing our state and community. I believe firmly that it is time to ignite the fire within each of the smallest minorities, the individuals, to create and execute important solutions for our state."

West Virginia ranks 44th out of the 50 states in education. This should not be acceptable to any of our leaders, and is certainly unacceptable to me as someone who is so closely connected to the education of our next generation.

What I offer is a drive to use excess K-12 funding to raise teacher salaries and improve the conditions under which our students learn. I also offer a more lenient view of teaching, permitting other strategies and alternatives to traditional teaching which educators should be able to explore.

I also believe that an important part of education is civic education; making sure our next generation is politically educated and motivated. This is why I am a firm supporter of establishing High School Legislative Internships and expanding the existing Youth in Government program. 

With this combination of education policies, I firmly believe that we can bring West Virginia from bringing up the rear in education in the United States to being at the forefront of new education strategies and education rates.

The Opioid Crisis

In recent years, West Virginia has been the epicenter of the opioid crisis. I am a firm believer that it is time we stop treating the crisis like a criminal problem and focus on treating is as the health problem it is. Rehabilitation should take precedence over incarceration without fail.


Marijuana Legalization

In the recent decade, states across the nation have been legalizing marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes. We have seen many of these states earn a lot of revenue through taxes on marijuana. I firmly believe that if we legalize marijuana both medicinally and recreationally in the State of West Virginia, we will see a decrease in small drug possession charges and an increase in tax revenue. This additional revenue can be put towards fixing the roads in the state and providing more funding for K12 education.


By 2030, many reputable studies have stated that the pollution levels on earth will have reached the point of no-return. I advocate that, in the spirit of West Virginia starting national movements and traditions, we move towards creating an environmental movement. We must preserve and protect our environment for future generations to breathe comfortably, We must increase our tree and plant cover and look into other means of producing energy without putting people out of a job.


Healthcare should be affordable and accessible to all citizens. This means that from rural communities to our most urban centers, we have a responsibility to make adequate and affordable healthcare available for all citizens.

I am a firm believer that healthcare should work for the patient rather than for the lobbyist and the big pharmaceutical companies, where care is prioritized over profit and companies provide that care at a much better level than currently provided. 

Regardless of social or economic status, all people will get sick and injured during their lifetime, and it makes no sense to have a system that can only be afforded by the wealthy instead of having a system that is available for all.

Small Businesses

I advocate for a system which will focus on bringing business back to our state and helping small businesses start with limited burdens. A tax break for those companies starting in and moving into our state will help revitalize our economy.

For starters, new businesses in the state would receive a five to ten year reduction in both property and corporate income taxes. This would allow these new business to focus on building up and possibly expanding operations in their community and across the state. After this period of reduced taxes, the taxes on these new businesses would gradually increase year by year until they reach the rates set on businesses at the current time in which the period ends.

If these businesses are successful in employing a certain amount of West Virginias, a permanent reduction in taxes will be given to the business for every multiple of that amount is employed within the state. The same policy will go for businesses who also bring in new residents to the state to increase the tax base. For every multiple of a set amount of employees that establish residence in West Virginia, the business will receive a permanent reduction in taxes.